Tore Halvorsen
Tore Halvorsen @Freki
That’s how Communists have always acted, no respect for human rights, no respect for any of the western values, no respect for decency or fairness. In short, they are totalitarians who always dabbled with genocide, violence, destruction, oppression, propaganda, indoctrination, intolerance, populism and lies.

And they always, without exception portray themselves as “the good ones” who’s gonna make everything right because they are the righteous ones while others are demons. But so far, and still on the notion of “always”, turned out to be Satan incarnated in terms of calculating and inhumane pervert evil.

Fuck, even the Bolsheviks and the Maoists promised a fair society where no one was exploited, everyone would live in abundance and yada yada yada, the same rhetoric has been recycled and used over and over again. And every single god damned time they’ve secured power through hook or crook, they completely flipped and enslaved the people in the worst oppressive societies man has ever seen.

But still, for some unknown reason, air heads still believe them and buy into to the ruse. Never asking how they are going to do all the things they promise, never looking into their history or making excuses for their history, it’s either or.

And I dare anyone to show one socialist country that has been successful and where all their promises has been fulfilled. Socialism is a fairly new ideology, started in the mid 1800’s and has since then had numerous opportunities to manifest their utopia, instead they spent their time solidifying their rank as the biggest genocidal maniacs in recorded history AND created the worst oppressive dictatorships known to man. And they complain about little Nazis? Yeah, that’s like a gigantic pot calling a microscopic kettle black SMH