What You Can Do

Greetings. The Alt Right is a movement to defend our White heritage and people from hateful unwarranted attacks. We must fight the devastating effects of Cultural Marxism, developed at The Frankfurt School, which built upon the disgusting ideas of Karl Marx, a member by marriage of The Satan-worshiping Rothschild family. The Communist Left is highly organized and has unlimited funding and brain power through the many foundations and think tanks funded by George Soros and others.

The Marxist Left controls the media, Hollywood, print publications and more. Most politicians are bought off, blackmailed, or otherwise under their control. The future facing White people is bleak unless we change our behavior to make a difference before it is too late. Most people on the Right satisfy themselves by posting endless articles pointing out the many attacks and absurdities of the current period we live in, such as mass Muslim importation and seeding, rape, pseudo hate speech laws, Cultural Marxist mental illness in the media, and Communist professors on campus teaching our young.

Our website, End Cultural Marxism, was developed to suggest a change in our approach to supporting the Alt Right and proposes a very simple plan. However, rest assured it will not be easy to end Cultural Marxism as most people would rather just continue posting instead of actually making a difference. In order to make a difference, we must get the message out before it’s too late. We must personally interact with each other as well as with those who are not yet awake to the extreme danger we face from Cultural Marxism. Outreach can be done by visiting Conservative meetings such as Republican and “Tea Party” groups. These groups are fairly resistant but they must be won over. Ads can be placed in Conservative publications and linked to protected email accounts, in this way, if worded properly, you may gain some members to your group after careful vetting. Flyers, business cards and such can be written and printed for handing out to people you may run into that may have some potential. There are many other ideas as well, be creative, remember this is not a crime, we are still in America. The group plan is generally as follows:

  1. Host a party or a dinner, it can even be potluck
  2. Show educational videos and engage in conversation
  3. Get to know each other
  4. Pass the hat with each member contributing what they can to worthy Alt Right websites or organizations
  5. Money collected to go to high profile or, in need Alt Right websites to help them expand or operate. Our favorite is Red Ice Creations, however there are many others which need help

These suggestions may seem simplistic, however they accomplish several goals. Our plan allows you to meet real people that support our movement, and it actually achieves the real world purpose of getting money where it is needed for equipment purchases, studios, and other materials. It can also act as a classroom to potential Alt Right supporters. Potential members should be very well screened before being invited into anyone’s home, preferably offsite and with one or two other trusted people or friends. Feel free to contact me at info@endculturalmarxism.com with any additional comments or suggestions. Captain Bob