Greetings and welcome to our site.

We have made this website to go with our other real world efforts to alert all Americans to the assault on our institutions by Cultural Marxists who attack our social, cultural and societal institutions and  attempt to destroy our Republic by way of their usual methods of fostering divisiveness and hate towards one another, the old Marxist formula.

This is not a White Supremacist website although there are many, including those who call themselves Constitutionalists, Conservatives, Tea Party members, Libertarians, as well as everyday Marxist Progressive Communists that label any White person that does not accept the Marxist narrative of Whites as the oppressor class now and back through history as Supremacist in an attempt to discredit our efforts at identifying the threat.

To assert your right to take your place in society, free of inordinate guilt for the wrongs of the world, is considered by these groups to be White Supremacist. Not accepting guilt for you and your race and publicly declaring pride brings attacks from the Left, which is natural for them, and apologies, smears and derision from the Right who claim to be pro-freedom and pro-Constitution, but fail to see that these are Western values — developed and fought for in European countries and given to all people who would value them.

These same people fail to understand that bringing in millions of Muslims with their stone age cultures and primitive values — including honor killings, female genital mutilation, death to Gay people, wife beatings, rape of women and children and much more — will bring death to our Western culture and the genocide of White people even faster than the current unsustainable birth rate of 1.3 children per couple as opposed to the approximate Muslim birth rate of around 8.2 would do.

It is hoped that by reviewing the videos on this website and studying further the points made here, you will come to realize the danger that we, as a people, are in.

Loving who you are is not hateful.

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Sitting at a computer and posting articles is fine, however, it is important that we meet each other and develop real relationships. This is what our website is about.

Please watch the great videos, made by various dedicated groups, donate to them if you like. spread the word and get together. Please feel free to contact us at <> or through the form below. Anonymity is guaranteed.