Greetings. Today I received an email claiming to be from the Ptown Antifa and instructing me to shut my website down or I would be exposed for all the world to see that I am a “White Supremacist” and that I am homophobic, anti Semitic and that I hate people of color. 

 I used to be a Liberal most of my life, believing that everyone had a right to be free. I have had many gay friends, black friends, Colombian, Mexican, Chinese and non radical Muslim friends whom to this day were some of the nicest people I have known. For the last 22 years I have owned a vacation rental business catering to all types of people, mostly gay.  We always treated all of our guests with dignity and respect and enjoyed great relations with the gay community with no prejudice.

We have friends of all colors and political persuasions, even a good friend with a heart of gold who is an older Southern black man who I hired many years ago whom I got off of drink, saving his marriage and his relationship with his children, whom I assure you are not into Gangsta rap or gangs as he has raised them to respect God and what is good and righteous. I feel very proud of that. I have even sang in his Gospel choir in his all black church in an all black neighborhood. God does not see color, only the love contained in our souls. I am sorry if that offends anyone but that’s just me.

So far as being anti Semitic, I have been married to a Jewish woman whom I love dearly for many years. She has also committed to the fight against Cultural Marxism and the war on White people, recognizing that history and reality are far more complex than simple slogans can convey.

So here I stand before you. I evolved over many years and am now a proud White Nationalist. I am a White Nationalist because I do not accept that White people are racist and hateful. I do not accept that we must give up our neighborhoods, culture and history to Cultural Marxism, admit that we are evil and accept Muslim immigrants by the millions who come raping our women and young girls and forming countries within the beautiful countries that welcomed them in with love and acceptance. I cannot accept White genocide brought about through lies and deceptions via Feminism, birth control, engineered wars, acceptance of gay lifestyles forced on young children and much more of which I am certain most of you are familiar with. I believe that White people have a right to our own neighborhoods without government or George Soros’ interference. Certain cultures are not compatible with ours.

Despite the threat, the website will not come down and we will continue in our efforts to do what we can do to defend our rights, especially all the little children who have a right to not be shamed for their skin color, that is simply wrong and we must all make our best effort to fight this abomination everyday. See email here

Hello Captain Bob

This is your official notice. You have 48 hours to remove your “end cultural marxism” website. If you don’t, we will inform the rest of P-town that you and Nancy are white supremacists, homophobes, and  anti-Semites. Also, we will provide various people with screenshots of proof of your ownership of the website and your hateful slurs towards People of Color and the GLBTQ community.

We’ve mirrored your site and are about to purchase several urls, if you don’t remove it.

Those urls will include… Bob.mass. There’s literally a million to chose from.

Try to guess who is the weak link in your cell of like-minded folks. Thanks to them for telling us about you and your plans and your website.

Your friends.
we are anonymous. we are legion.

The clock is ticking, Captain Bob. You have until noon on Tuesday April 10th